Here at Weller Repairables we strive to give you an accurate representation of the major damages and make a conscience effort to do so. We do not guarantee the extent of damages nor the cost to repair the vehicle. We strongly suggest you and/or your representative personally inspect each vehicle before purchasing as all sales are as-is and final. This is non-negotiable. We have vehicles of all types and levels of damage so please make sure the vehicle you choose fits your ability or the ability of the entity that you will have repair it.

Most of our vehicles will "Lot Drive" which means that we drove them from our holding lot, into our shop for a general once over and onto the sales lot. We do not guarantee any vehicle is legally or otherwise road worthy. When we find damages that are hard to see on a walk-around (i.e. engine cradle, frame puckers, etc.) we use a highly visible spray paint to help draw attention to the issue. Keep in mind we can also miss some damages so again we highly recommend you take your time when inspecting vehicles.

If you purchase a vehicle without inspecting it we cannot be held liable for damages not seen in the pictures online or not discussed on the phone with our employee. Again, we recommend you hire an outside source to personally inspect any vehicle. When we say as-is and you sign the as-is disclosure it means just that...as-is.


We offer both Michigan Clean titles as well as Michigan Salvage titles and follow all Michigan title & registration laws. It is your responsibility to know your state and/or country title & registration laws & regulations. Again, all sales are final so research is recommended. When Weller applies for your title with the state of Michigan they mail the title directly to the purchaser and normally takes around 2 weeks. Michigan state law states that salvage titled vehicles may not legally be driven on any public road until they have been repaired and pass state inspection.


Our prices do not include sales tax so plan on paying the sales tax on your purchase unless you can provide documentation showing you are tax exempt. Out of state sales tax is computed based on Chapter 7 of the Michigan Dealer Manual.


We elect to only charge $100 (MI law allows up to a maximum of $230).
$100 – vehicles over $2,000 selling price.
5% if vehicle selling price is under $2,000.
Doc fees are charged on every vehicle purchase and are non-negotiable. We do not charge doc fees on anything non-motorized or Motorcycles per Michigan law.